About Sheepdrove

Sheepdrove Organic Farm is renowned for great organic food, eco-friendly farming and excellent animal welfare.

For the founders, Peter and Juliet Kinderlsey, it’s something that has grown out of a passion for organic food, animal welfare, sustainability and wildlife. They moved into a derelict Sheepdrove Farmhouse on the Berkshire Downs in the early 1970’s and started growing their own food organically. Many years later they were able to buy 2,000 acres of farmland nextdoor and turn the whole place organic.

Now with its own eco conference centre, a great range of organic produce, on-site chicken processing, family butcher’s shops in London and Bristol, and home delivery across the UK, it’s one of the nation’s favourite organic food producers.

Explore the website – www.sheepdrove.com
farm 01488 674700 \\ sales 01488 674747 \\ conferences 01488 674737

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