Have your say

We have begin to consult the local community about our wind energy ideas. We would like to gather ideas for how to come up with the best possible proposals.

Ideas for discussion

Do you support our ideas?
What are your main concerns?
How might you be affected?
Which viewpoints might be most impacted?
Can you suggest ideas for improving locations for either of the turbines?

Please enter your comments below.
We welcome all viewpoints and questions.

2 Responses to “Have your say”

  1. Jim Brown Says:

    Have you thought about engaging the local community through investment in you wind energy project? I ran a workshop on community investment at the annual Soil Association conference, which Juliet attended. A copy of my report on Community Investment is downloadable from my website:

    Click to access Community_Investment_using_IPS_legislation.pdf

  2. James Wynn-Williams Says:

    I worked at Sheepdrove in 98 and 99 as a shepard and I loved the place and people. I think you have done a wonderful job in creating a very special place, I look forward to one day coming for a visit.

    James Wynn-Williams
    New Zealand

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