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30 July, 2010

A neat little history of the Neals Yard Remedies business. A snippet of Peter Kindersley’s presentation at the launch of NYR Home.


NEW: The Story of Cosmetics

19 July, 2010

Have you heard of ‘The Story of Stuff’ campaigns? Look out for their new site, being launched on Wednesday 21 July…


Sheepdrove applauds ‘The Story of Stuff’ which is doing a great job of raising awareness about the disaster capitalism we’re all wrapped up in, and why all of our STUFF might not be as great as we think it is.

Now they are tackling the toxic cosmetics found in every home and handbag. What frightening chemicals will you use today? We suggest you shop with Neals Yard Remedies!

NYR featured on Yahoo! Finance

12 June, 2009

As you may know, one of Sheepdrove grows organic herbs for Neal’s Yard Remedies. Today at Yahoo! Finance they tell you how to get things for free – and Neal’s Yard Remedies is featured. Here’s what they said…

Free smellies
Host a
Neal’s Yard shopping party and not only will you receive a free, Geranium and Orange hand wash and lotion (worth £19.50), and experience a mini-facial, but you could be entitled to some free shopping too.

The NYR Home scheme offers you a free gift for organising a party, but of course it’s a way of making money too. Read more…

Real organic skin care

25 March, 2009

Why choose real organic skin care?

Did you know…
The skin is the body’s largest organ, an active interface between our bodies and the environment? Sixty per cent of what you put on your skin ends up in your blood stream, so we believe it’s really important to be fully aware of what’s in the products you use.

Over the last 50 years, tens of thousands of new chemicals have been developed, most of which have never been properly tested on humans. We are absorbing a vast array of these new synthetic chemicals from our food, our toiletries, and our immediate environment. Surely it can be no coincidence that over the same time period, the incidences of illness such as eczema, allergies and even cancers have greatly increased.

We may not be able to avoid all of these chemicals, but Neals Yard Remedies believe it makes sense to do what we can to minimise contact wherever possible.

Discover Neals Yard Remedies…
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