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Farming Today – food from cloned animals

9 December, 2010

BBC Radio 4 (listen again)

Animal welfare groups say they’re appalled that meat and milk from the offspring of cloned animals can be sold in shops without being labelled as such. The Food Standards Agency board says there are no health risk to humans but animal welfare groups say consumers will be unknowingly supporting cloning which they say is cruel and causes suffering to animals.

The RSPCA tell Anna about their planned emergency rescue of 4000 sheep stranded on the moorlands of Northumberland – made inaccessible in waist-deep snow – without access to food.


Cloned beef? What does the fiasco mean for food?

6 August, 2010

“Beneath the sensationalism, it highlighted several serious issues for people who care about where their meat comes from, food quality – and last but not least – animal welfare.”    
Jason Ball,

Read the full article… No Cloned Animals Guarantee!

No cloned organic animals guarantee!

4 August, 2010

We believe in saying noDon’t worry, we won’t be stocking cloned meat – ever! Sheepdrove would rather produce organic, grass-fed meat the natural way.

We have consistently called for better traceability for food – and we deplore the secret trade of cloned farm animal offspring which has been revealed in the news. The Food Standards Agency admitted they cannot track the cloned meat which went to market. No wonder Lawrence Woodward OBE describes the food watchdog  as a ‘lapdog’…

A spokesman for the FSA  said on BBC  TV, “We don’t think there are any health risks from eating meat from cloned animals.”

More on cloned animals later this week…

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