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Barn Owls depend humans – the nestbox question

26 November, 2010

Anne Diamond spoke with Jason Ball live on BBC Radio Berkshire yesterday about Barn Owls. Anne was following up the national news story about owls being dependent on nestboxes. 

Jason pointed out that actually it’s a sign of success, and reason to congratulate the nation’s Barn Owl conservation volunteers, and the farmers they work with.

The headlines were sparked by a BBC news interview with Colin Shawyer, who founded the BOCN (Barn Owl Conservation Network). The Sheepdrove Trust sponsors the BOCN and Sheepdrove is its national HQ.

Colin, who trained Jason in monitoring and ringing owls, carried out a study in the 1980s which revealed a massive decline in the Barn Owl population. So he set up the BOCN and it soon became a key network for advisors and owl conservationists across the UK and Eire.

In some areas, such as Salisbury Plain, nest box schemes have increased the barn owl population by up to five times. But the reliance on nest boxes is now so great, the birds will need constant conservation,” explained Colin.

Lambourn Valley Barn Owl Group has been very busy building nest boxes here at Sheepdrove, to sell as a way to raise money for the group. Of course those boxes must go into areas with good owl habitat, otherwise they won’t help owls at all. So LVBOG also provides advice to farmers and landowners about how to manage grass for the prey that owls rely on.

Listen again to that Anne Diamond show. The interview starts 32 minutes in. (available 6 days on iPlayer)

Listen again – Organics on Radio Berkshire

3 August, 2009

Peter Kindersley spoke with Debbie McGee on Sunday morning about the controversial FSA report about Organic foods and their nutritional value.

You can listen again to the Debbie McGee show here…

Fast-forward the BBC iPlayer to 1 hour 15 minutes!

BBC iplayer is excellent - drag time to the part you want

PK recalled an experiment in the USA where children were fed on organic food to see what effect it might have on the pesticide levels in their bodies. While they had previously eaten conventional food as their normal diet, certain pollutants present in saliva and urine samples were clear when they ate organic.

Peter also pointed out a few of the Food Standards Agency’s weaknesses – both in their report and the people who head the organisation!

FSA and organic – Peter speaks on BBC Berks

1 August, 2009

Listen to us on Radio Berkshire

Peter Kindersley will be interviewed about this topic LIVE on Radio Berkshire this Sunday 2nd  August, at around 10.10 am. Listen for it on the Radio Berkshire website or tune in to 104.1 FM.

FSA says organic ‘not important’

You may have heard in the news this week, that the Food Standards Agency published a review of food quality. They contradicted their own research by telling the British public that many organic foods contain better levels of nutrients, and then concluded that these benefits were of no importance to public health.

A Few Facts

Here are some of the data the FSA published and dismissed! Comparing a selection of organic and non-organic foods, the FSA study found organic was this much better:

NUTRIENT                            % BETTER IN ORGANIC FOODS
– Protein                                  12.7%
– Beta-carotene                       53.6%
– Flavonoids                            38.4%
– Copper                                 8.3%
– Magnesium                          7.1%
– Phosphorous                        6%
– Potassium                            2.5%
– Sodium                                 8.7%
– Sulphur                                10.5%
– Zinc                                      11.3%
– Phenolic compounds           13.2%

The researchers also found higher levels of beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids in organic meat and dairy products (between 2.1% – 27.8% higher) compared to non-organic meat and dairy.

Support Organic with Sheepdrove

Sheepdrove Organic Farm has a long track record of campaigning for ORGANIC to be better understood. Organic food is indeed about healthy eating, but it is also about the health of our soils, air and water, and the ecosystems upon which we rely… and of course, animal health. All these are connected, and at Sheepdrove we recognise that.

Listen to Peter Kindersley tomorrow on BBC Radio Berkshire!

Henry Kelly butterfly interview

27 April, 2009

BBC Radio Berkshire presenter Henry Kelly was interested to hear about Sheepdrove Rare Butterfly Project and so BBC Berks called us for an interview this morning. Listen again.

(We’re on at about 1 hour 8 mins, just after the BeeGees!)