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The Cleaner Chicken Revolution starts here!

3 July, 2008

Here at Sheepdrove Organic Farm we have a new system for processing chickens which gives you a cleaner bird ready for the table.

Our ‘hotbox’ should change forever the way poultry is processed commercially. Here’s how. Once chickens are on the processing line, they pass through a steamer to fluff up the feathers ready for plucking. This ensures they have cleaner skin than your average chicken.

Why is that? Currently the industry standard is very different. Birds are dipped into a hot water bath called a scald tank. This water might be clean at the start of the day but gradually gets filthy as hundreds of chickens per minute wash through. This coats each bird in bacteria from the preceding birds.

Sheepdrove’s hot box system is a healthier alternative to these baths, which we hope will be consigned to the past. Microbiological results are astounding – they show half as many bacteria on hotbox birds compared to those which have gone through a scald tank.

Read all about it! Sheepdrove’s hotbox system had a feature story in the Guardian yesterday, written by ethical food campaigner Felicity Lawrence.