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Why is everyone ordering turkeys today?

10 November, 2010

“Why is everyone ordering turkeys today? Everyone seems to have realised Christmas is coming!”

Mary Dancey
Sales & Marketing

PS – We make it easy to order your Organic Christmas Turkey online!


Gorgeous local flowers at wedding

13 September, 2010

I just loved the displays of fantastic OXFORDSHIRE GROWN flowers at the wedding yesteray at Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre.

The wedding flowers were provided by the brilliant Green and Gorgeous who also sell flowers at a few of their local farmers’ markets. See their blog…

Locally grown flowers fit perfectly with the ethos of the venue, of course, and the family’s wedding organisers also collected wild ivy from the farm to adorn the Oak Room, doorways and arches. The place looked great!

Jason Ball

Keep the FiT campaign

3 September, 2010

Peter Kindersley signed an open letter to Chris Huhne this week. More than 20 business organisations and environment campaigners wrote to the Energy Secretary to persuade the government how important it is to keep the Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) and next year’s Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) for small-scale renewable energy projects.

Read why Peter is concerned…

Eco-buildings Open Days

13 August, 2010

If you live in this area and are interested in greening-up your house or offices, look out for the open days organised by West Berkshire Green Exchange.

These buildings make a statement about energy efficiency – just like Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre, the UK’s first purpose-built sustainable conference centre.

Harriet Collins will be pleased to arrange a viewing if you are interested in booking a room, or the whole venue, for your wedding or business event. Call Harriet on 01488 674737 today to check our availability. Alternatively if you can’t wait – visit us virtually!


30 July, 2010

A neat little history of the Neals Yard Remedies business. A snippet of Peter Kindersley’s presentation at the launch of NYR Home.

NEW: The Story of Cosmetics

19 July, 2010

Have you heard of ‘The Story of Stuff’ campaigns? Look out for their new site, being launched on Wednesday 21 July…


Sheepdrove applauds ‘The Story of Stuff’ which is doing a great job of raising awareness about the disaster capitalism we’re all wrapped up in, and why all of our STUFF might not be as great as we think it is.

Now they are tackling the toxic cosmetics found in every home and handbag. What frightening chemicals will you use today? We suggest you shop with Neals Yard Remedies!

Organic Cleaning

27 April, 2010

Soil Association certified cleaning products launched by Bentley Organic
The makers of a new homecare range claim to have created the first all-natural household cleaners that also kill 99.9% of bacteria. The company argues that, by focusing on all-organic products that still successfully carry out their function, it is helping to make a sustainable lifestyle a more achievable ambition for households.
The Grocer (24 April, p.26)
Also reported on

The Soil Association press office can keep you up-to-date with the latest news on organic food & farming and other relevant issues. If you would like to sign-up to receive this service click here

Not customers – local food investors!

16 April, 2010

“By investing in the place or person that provides your food, you get a guaranteed source of ethical, local produce while the farmer benefits from a secure income and a fair price.”

Country Living Magazine commenting on Community Supported Agriculture – May 2010

Good ideas don’t grow on trees

27 August, 2009


NYR featured on Yahoo! Finance

12 June, 2009

As you may know, one of Sheepdrove grows organic herbs for Neal’s Yard Remedies. Today at Yahoo! Finance they tell you how to get things for free – and Neal’s Yard Remedies is featured. Here’s what they said…

Free smellies
Host a
Neal’s Yard shopping party and not only will you receive a free, Geranium and Orange hand wash and lotion (worth £19.50), and experience a mini-facial, but you could be entitled to some free shopping too.

The NYR Home scheme offers you a free gift for organising a party, but of course it’s a way of making money too. Read more…