Cloned animal products should be labelled


Despite the Food Standards Agency assertion that cloned meat is ‘safe’ we don’t support it.

Peter Kindersley at Sheepdrove Organic Farm says: “Products made from cloned animals must be LABELLED to make sure the customer isn’t duped into buying them.”

“As with GM it’s about more than safety. Also echoed in this debate is the way the FSA is ducking very serious ethical issues – just as they do with genetically modified foods.”

Compassion in World Farming says:
Research shows that cloned animals frequently die from heart failure, respiratory problems, and defective immune systems. Cloning also magnifies the worst selective breeding practices of industrial farming: Animals pushed genetically to unnaturally high yields and rapid growth suffer debilitating physical ailments.

Peter Stevenson, of Compassion in World Farming, says: “Cloning is a welfare disaster.”


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