Hampshire Sheep Group


Hampshire Sheep Group kindly invited Chris Blunt (Farm Manager) and Jason Ball (Mgr for Biodiversity and Alternative Energy) to be guest speakers at their event last night.

Chris proudly announced that we have not had to treat any sheep for worms this year. The key is clean grazing systems, which rotate between sheep and cattle and careful management of the grass resource. Chris praised the skills and dedication of our stockmen Nick and Matt. 

Sheepdrove has won the Best Large Sheep Flock award at the Royal Berkshire Show for a few years running now. 

The breeds at Sheepdrove include a wide range, the main ewes being Shetland (of various colour types), and the ram breeds include Texel, Blue Texel (excellent for wool), Lleyn, Herdwick and Beltex. Chris explained the system we use and some of the ideas for future breeding aims – such as conformation, fleece shape and wool quality.

Jason talked about some of the achievements of Sheepdrove’s nature conservation work, such as the establishment of unique wetland habitats, 70 hectares of chalk downland restoration, the huge amount of Environmental Stewardship, attracting Small Blue butterfly, and discovering in 2010 that we have a nationally important diversity of arable wildflowers.

Our thanks to Brian, the chairman of Hampshire Sheep Group, for inviting us.

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