FOOD Inc – ten tips


Help to push today’s industrialised food systems into healthier habits.¬†Ultimately a healthy diet for us¬†depends on a healthy food system and a healthy planet!

Here are the Top Ten tips from the FOOD Inc movie.

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2 Responses to “FOOD Inc – ten tips”

  1. Ian Schragg Says:

    It seems to me that there are four main issues at work here: environmental/agricultural sustainability, animal rights, human health, and monopolistic business practices that hurt farmers. I only have time to focus on the agricultural/environmental aspect but all four are urgent and extremely detrimental issues. The idea of fast food is not in itself inherently bad, but it has been taken to it’s extreme in the US and has been exported to the world. The American capitalist model for business growth and maximizing profits has created a “monster” which cannot be stopped until citizens demand change. The earth cannot withstand the mono-crop agricultural style much longer without creating wastelands similar to the Dust Bowls of the Depression era, and the multi-national companies that promote this style of farming have no concern for local eco-systems or the farmers involved. As we saw with the Monsanto section of the film, money talks and creating monopolies is one inherent result of capitalism at it’s worst being applied to food production. The fact that these companies are willing to sue farmers who accidentally grow their seeds is ridiculous and I’m surprised no one has taken this thing to appeal, without prior knowledge of a crime being committed how can the justice system rationalize Monsanto’s case(s) against soy farmers? It’s crazy. The fact that US agriculture is dominated by a few major companies and a few main crops is damaging to our environment due to soil depletion and pollution of our water sources; it is damaging to out markets because competition is no longer viable; it is damaging to our health because we are not eating a variety of nutritious veggies; and it is damaging to our democracy because Washington is overrun by lobbyists and “yes-men” sit in our committees, run the EPA and other supposedly unbiased oversight and regulatory bodies. This film should be shown in every 4th, 8th, and 12th grade class.

  2. ajcai Says:

    Last week I saw the movie “Food Inc.” Through in-depth and often emotional conversations with everyday people involved in the food we eat, like a small-scale farmer who passionately promotes environmentally-friendly and kind treatment of his animals, the film makes a convincing argument that our current food system is tilted towards cheap, unhealthy, and environmentally unsustainable food. It spurs me to continue my effort to eat more plant-based foods, but also adds another layer in terms of what defines “healthy” food. That is that some plant-based foods, like corn, are not environmentally sustainable and turned into unhealthy ingredients. I will see what I can do to avoid these as well.

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