Farming notes 25 July 2010


It would’ve been nice to have started the hay making in Hundred Acres (Bockhampton Down) however, the weather is going through a changeable period at present and with lots of cloud cover and high humidity, you can work the grass as much as you like and it won’t make (all that happens is diesel is burned and the leaf falls off) so we have left it until this week when some more settled weather is forecast.

The red clover leys have bulked up and flowered so second cut silage needs to be taken, again ideally this week but the weather has pushed it into next. The team have got the indoor clamp ready for this operation.


Not much arable work this week, just some maintenance work.


Nick and Matt have weighed and sorted the first group of new season lambs at Pounds. Across the board we have seen an average of 2-3 KG lift in this group so all lambs sent were at excellent weights and the fat levels have increased compared to the last of the old season (which in themselves were good lambs) so this bodes well going forward into the summer.

Our new bull has arrived from the Nesbitts and has settled in well – we’ve penned him up with a couple of smaller steers so he has some company but he’s definitely the boss so he doesn’t have to sort the pecking order out which can risk injury.


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