Fish, food, floundering…


“With the collapse of some important fishing grounds, marine scientists are coming to recognise that what really matters is the wider ecosystems and environmental context.”
On the growing recognition of the links that bind ecosystems. Financial Times, 27 November 2009

Sheepdrove comment: This is way out of date… the ecologists have known for a long time how important ecosystems are, and they’ve been telling us too. We thought it was common knowledge that human activities are bound to a reliance on natural systems. Has the FT only just caught up?

RSPB calls for action on bird losses from industrial fishing
Concern is growing about the huge number of seabirds being killed by fisheries in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the RSPB said yesterday. Conservationists traditionally focus on southern oceans, but there is mounting alarm over the numbers of northern species falling victim to large-scale industrialized fishing methods. The Independent (27 Nov, p.21)

Farming Today
Website summary: Charlotte Smith asks whether sustainable agriculture, whilst being better for the environment, is going to provide enough food to feed the world. BBC Radio 4 listen again

Sheepdrove comment: The alternative is… unsustainable agriculture?


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