Green Thought for the Day


An Open Letter of Petition
to Mark Damazer, the Controller of BBC Radio 4.

Sheepdrove Organic Farm
Lambourn, Berkshire

PETITION: Green Thought for the Day

Please could we have a daily slot dedicated to the growing momentum of British people doing their bit for the planet?

We, the electronically undersigned, ask BBC Radio Four to begin a new four-minute slot each weekday to focus on environmental issues, what ordinary people are doing about their environmental impact, and practical ideas for action ordinary people can take.

Dear Mr Damazer,

The famous daily editions of Thought for the Day broadcast on the Today programme usually take a moral standpoint on various issues, and it seems that increasingly often the message is about our impact on the planet.

It is no coincidence that the Environment is such a frequent topic for the speakers. It is relevant to how each of us leads our lives and the view we take of the world.

Day after day we hear reports on Radio 4 about the degradation of our world’s natural resources and how urgent the need is for action in our everyday lives. Indeed most people recognise they must take steps and in recent years there has been a huge popular shift to all sorts of planet-friendly activity such as organic gardening, growing your own food, buying local, recycling, adopting renewable energy and cutting your carbon footprint.

However, concern can lead to apathy or a sense of hopelessness if there is no clear route to meaningful action. We think many listeners would be glad of a little encouragement and constructive guidance.

We propose that BBC Radio 4 should start a new mini-programme called “Green Thought for the Day”.
It would aim to provoke greener lifestyles and reflect on the personal scale of the rather formidable topic of environmentalism, with its challenge to ‘do your bit’ in the face of problems which can be of a global scale.

GTFTD would feature ordinary people doing something – however small – about their environmental impact, and would provide practical ideas for action that the listeners can take.

Programmes about the natural world and green issues such as Climate Change currently thrive on BBC Radio 4. Green Thought for the Day would complement what is often in-depth or science-based journalism, with something informal, inclusive and interactive.

We hope you like the idea, and look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Ball
Manager for Biodiversity and Alternative Energy
Sheepdrove Organic Farm


Readers – to electronically add your name to the petition, please add a comment below with your name and email address.  Short link =


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32 Responses to “Green Thought for the Day”

  1. sheepdrove Says:

    Add your name by leaving a comment of support!
    Let’s green up the airwaves!

  2. Isabel Bottoms Says:

    Isabel Bottoms

    Dear Jason, thanks for your comment on my blog, I would be happy to endorse this I’ll write a short post with a link to the petition.
    As for further actions for people already doing stuff, I know what you mean, there’s only a certain number of letters to MP’s and campaigns you can join before feeling just a little disempowered! In my view, when people ask me 3 things they can do about climate change I say:
    1. Lead by example, people need examples to question and then follow
    2. Education, educated anyone and everyone around you
    3. Action, direct action (in a peaceful and organised way) needs a mass following. Ed Miliband is crying out for mass outcrys of millions of people on the street so he can go back to his Government and say there is no denying that THIS is what the people want. He has to have that support, so i feel that this is something your group of locals in the know should consider. We need to broaden the direct action movement because it shouldnt just be a hunch of hippies, so please consider getting involved. Climate Camp is a very media savvy and genuine way to start, as a novice, who wont get arrested, I can still reccomend it!
    I hope that helps, and I look forward to hearing the outcome of your petition.

    • sheepdrove Says:

      Hi Isabel,
      Many thanks for your support- and the 3-point advice!

      Yes, we reckon it’s time to shout about this. Only 5 years to tip the scales. Sheepdrove wants to install 2 wind turbines so we were thinking of a pro-wind march. Let us know of camps and marches you know are coming up.

  3. Watched AGE OF STUPID – now what? « the Natureheads blog Says:

    […] I said I’d start the campaign for a Green Thought for the Day programme. Sheepdrove’s petition letter is already on the Sheepdrove blog. Please add your […]

  4. Suz McKillop Says:

    Great idea. I’m sure it would really help people take those most important first steps to reducing their impact on our environment by hearing what other people like themselves are doing. Sharing achievable ideas can impower others to do likewise and Radio 4 has the wide ranging and engaged audience to do so.

  5. Janet Says:

    I think this petition is a good idea. As a knitter and weaver I would like to hear more thoughts about knitting and weaving as “green” activities

    • sheepdrove Says:

      Thanks Janet,
      Good point. As sheep farmers we see the wool going cheap when it used to be a massive part of the countryside economy. Wool is a home-grown fibre that we could be wearing more of… and knitting is a low-carbon manufacturing process! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. We could add a proper article, if you have one.

  6. Lynn Long Says:

    A green thought of the day is a must! There is no excuse for not including a short slot each day,

  7. Hilary Allison Says:

    great idea!

  8. John Newbold Says:

    Great idea.

  9. Alex Ross Says:

    Go for it!

    Good idea and they can add them all to their website so people can scroll through the past ideas.

    Perhaps an actual e-petition might help? You can do them online for free…

  10. Allison Cooke Says:

    ‘Green Thought for the Day’ is a great idea. Perhaps we should target Radio 1 rather than Radio 4……. the younger generation need to be encouraged!

  11. Lorna Templeton Says:

    What a fantastic idea.

  12. Angus Yarwood Says:

    Yes please, I’d like to hear a ‘Green Thought for the Day’ R4 slot.

  13. Monika Curry Says:

    This appears to be a really great idea,something to daily remind people, that we are part of this greater world. This is our only home and we have a responsibility to those on whom we going to pass the “home rights”.
    It is neccessary to keep raising awarness not only of big environmental issues but also of small changes and ways that we all adopt to make this a better place to be. Bring in some Green Common Sense.

  14. Simon White Says:

    It sounds like a really good idea linking strongly to the Transition Towns movement and complementing the 10:10 initiative- how do we actually do it?? I am sure it could be put together so it does not become patronising.

    • sheepdrove Says:

      Thanks Simon,
      The BBC should be able to create a good format. We want to help gather momentum by collecting people who can contribute an idea. Eventually we’d like to hand over the ideas to be the candidate 350 first sessions..!

      Green Thought for the Day
      Link =

  15. Martin Harvey Says:

    Yep, would be great to hear this on the radio.

  16. Tracey Todhunter Says:

    Thanks for the invitation. Sure, I’ll contribute, Best of luck with the idea.

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