Feed in Tariff


dark red sunset at SheepdroveGenerating electricity from the sun is a great idea, and Sheepdrove Organic Farm has invested in several kilowatts’ worth of solar photovoltaic panels (solar PV). Although the technology is set to get cheaper – or so they tell us – price is a major factor in deciding to buy.

Feed-in Tariffs will make a big difference, because the financial payback on solar PV will suddenly look a lot better next year. F.i.T. is the new catchphrase for the rewards you will get per unit (kWh) that your PV panels create.

After long campaigns by environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth (which Sheepdrove supported) the UK Government finally took on the FiT idea. Now it has announced plans for a Feed-in Tariff scheme for households, businesses and communities investing in solar PV, and all this should start in April 2010. Part of its Renewable Energy Strategy, this new FiT scheme will pay even if the energy is not exported from the premises.

We spoke to James Hoare at Ardenham Energy, who installed the huge 32-panel PV array at the Sheepdrove Farmhouse.

James said, “The FiT looks like it will be 31 pence per kWh generated, and 5 pence per kWh exported.”

If you would like to help support an effective Feed-in Tariff for solar energy in the UK, you can ask your MP to sign the Early Day Motion 689.


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