Climate Change on target


climatechangeLast week Geoffrey Lean reminded readers of the Telegraph that the phenomenon of climate change is due to keep its ‘promise’, according to American researchers at the NCAR, despite the fluctuations of solar activity and the distractions we see in the weather.

Lean remains skeptical of the progress made by international partnerships making an effort to tackle climate change. That’s despite his recent meeting with Barack Obama’s key adviser Prof John Holdren, who emanated a very positive impression about what the USA is working toward. Holdren spoke of imminent legislation and campaigns internationally to lever a “level of agreement that will surprise people”.

Targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions aren’t being met by the G8/G20/G(add favourite number). The goals for atmospheric CO2 concentrations are being shifted. Our expectations of the leadership must change too. Disappointment with politicians is easy, we can do that, but dare we look up the latest predictions of the effects that inaction will generate over the next century or two?


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