What does the FSA stand for?


The actions of the Food Standards Agency make people wonder what they are all about. I enjoyed Geoffrey Lean’s article in the Telegraph last week. (Organic Food Gets a Raw Deal from the FSA)

Lean's article

Lean's article

A snippet of his piece reads…
The agency says it stands for “safer food”. But while it has a mixed record on additives that cause hyperactivity, toxic dyes, illegal GM foods, or pesticides, it has, from the start, campaigned against organic food, which no one claims to be dangerous.

The article by Joanna Blythman in the Mail was also excellent. At the moment I’m reading the book by Robert AlbrittonLet Them Eat Junk: How Capitalism Creates Hunger and Obesity – and it seems to relate the way the FSA behaves.

To take a leaf out of Albritton’s book…  the TRILLIONS we spent supporting farmers in rich countries has led to higher taxes, worse food, intensively farmed monocultures (and monstrous animal welfare causing pandemics), overproduction and world prices that wreck the lives of poor farmers in the emerging markets.

The FSA seems to be complicit with this system, and their backing of the industrial status quo is wholly unhelpful to positive progress.

Peter Kindersley


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