FSA and organic – Peter speaks on BBC Berks


Listen to us on Radio Berkshire

Peter Kindersley will be interviewed about this topic LIVE on Radio Berkshire this Sunday 2nd  August, at around 10.10 am. Listen for it on the Radio Berkshire website or tune in to 104.1 FM.

FSA says organic ‘not important’

You may have heard in the news this week, that the Food Standards Agency published a review of food quality. They contradicted their own research by telling the British public that many organic foods contain better levels of nutrients, and then concluded that these benefits were of no importance to public health.

A Few Facts

Here are some of the data the FSA published and dismissed! Comparing a selection of organic and non-organic foods, the FSA study found organic was this much better:

NUTRIENT                            % BETTER IN ORGANIC FOODS
– Protein                                  12.7%
– Beta-carotene                       53.6%
– Flavonoids                            38.4%
– Copper                                 8.3%
– Magnesium                          7.1%
– Phosphorous                        6%
– Potassium                            2.5%
– Sodium                                 8.7%
– Sulphur                                10.5%
– Zinc                                      11.3%
– Phenolic compounds           13.2%

The researchers also found higher levels of beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids in organic meat and dairy products (between 2.1% – 27.8% higher) compared to non-organic meat and dairy.

Support Organic with Sheepdrove

Sheepdrove Organic Farm has a long track record of campaigning for ORGANIC to be better understood. Organic food is indeed about healthy eating, but it is also about the health of our soils, air and water, and the ecosystems upon which we rely… and of course, animal health. All these are connected, and at Sheepdrove we recognise that.

Listen to Peter Kindersley tomorrow on BBC Radio Berkshire!


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