FSA ‘organic no better’ gaff


This week the Food Standards Agency published data that shows many Organic foods are richer in nutrients, compared to conventional foods – and then it told us that the superior quality is ‘not important’!

Food campaigners hit back

Peter Kindersley at Sheepdrove Organic Farm said, “In considering the nutritional value of food, this report failed to examine the effect of pesticides. We know the government’s own research revealed a shocking level of contamination in conventional food. Does the FSA think that pesticides are also irrelevant to Public Health?”

“Resarch in the USA has revealed that babies in the womb are polluted with pesticides that we were supposed to be rid of by now, such as DDT which was banned decades ago, yet still haunts our health today.”

Joanna Blythman, in the Daily Mail, wrote: “The FSA was meant to be an organisation for improving our food. Now it is just getting in the way.”

“If it has any genuine interest in nutrition, the Food Standards Agency would be supporting a shift away from intensification, not pushing for more of it.” (Daily Mail 30 July 2009)

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