7 June 2009 Open Farm Sunday


Sunday 7th June 2009
12noon – 6pm

Come and see Sheepdrove Organic Farm on OPEN FARM SUNDAY – the day when farmers nationwide are opening their farms to the public.

Enjoy a summer afternoon filled with activities for the whole family to enjoy including great tractor and trailer rides, butchery demonstrations, a live band and a family BBQ. Our new British White cows and calves are in a paddock for all to see, and baby piglets have arrived at the wood by the reedbed archway.

Download details:  Sheepdrove 7june09 Open Farm Sunday

Entrance Fee £5 per car.
Please no dogs except registered guide dogs.

farm open day

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One Response to “7 June 2009 Open Farm Sunday”

  1. Fernando Cassia Says:

    Kudos from a techie down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Great blog. You’re doing excellent work, I support your views and attitude. I discovered your blog while searching for criticism of the Beeb’s “GM Horizon” programme.

    In fact, I liked your blog so much that you’ve earned yourselves a link from mine, Geek Gaucho http://geekgaucho.blogspot.com (look at your blog linked on the left side sidebar, under “people whom I read”.

    One criticism? There is no contact e-mail address anywhere. Sometimes people might want to, you know, send old-fashioned private e-mail to you. And don’t believe the sp#m hype, GMail is good at automagically filtering it for you. I have my GMail email address linked from my blogger profile, without a problem.


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