Ecorin Village visit


Today we had a visit from Takeshi Inada and colleagues from Ecorin Village, Hokkaido, Japan.


Ecorin Village has a farm that supplies the company’s 300 restaurants across Japan. Established for a quarter of a century, they are able to tell customers where their food comes from, and their mixed farm is fundamental to that. (They have high standards for suppliers too, and insist that all imported beef  is from Hereford and Angus breeds.)

Ecorin Village has a visitor centre, restaurant, extensive gardens including an English Garden designed by Bunny Guinness and exciting buildings such as the dairy parlour with a circular tower!

Sheepdrove’s farm tours

Everyone loves our guided trailer tours, which take you to see the farm animals and the landscape. Learn about our eco-friendly farming and wildlife projects. See the farm in action and the special features such as the rubbing post pyramids, or Sheepdrove’s unique chicken agroforestry field system. We always have something going on at the farm, it might be turkey season, lambing time or calving time.

Tours can also be taken on foot, especially eco walks and the famed Reedbed Ramble, an easy 1-hour guided walk. The Reedbed System at Sheepdrove is used all year round to treat waste water naturally and its water habitats are home to some very interesting wildlife. The Physic Garden is fascinating and at its best from May to September.  Outdoor art includes cut steel sculptures, a willow dome and standing stones. And of course the Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre is a tour in its own right, with award-winning sustainable design and its unique combination of artwork, painted quotations and features of interest.


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