Sound Beginnings


Concert for Babies and Young Children

Hundreds of children and parents gathered in the majestic Oak Room for today’s concerts at Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre .

Classical music played by Mikhail Kazakevich (piano) and Sarah Austin (flute) combined with a stunning light show, altogether an enchanting experience.  Maxine Parsons led the event… an expert educator who welcomed the children and introduced the musicians as people who make classical music accessible to young children.

Juliet and Peter Kindersley believe music is very important for children as part of learning and growing up. Read more about Sound Beginnings… Mikhail Kazakevich solos on a piano music CD compiled by the Kindersleys, called The Healing Power of the Mozart Effect. We sell the CD at Sheepdrove’s web shop. Find it  in our gift section…

Part of the Newbury Spring Festival – there were 3 concerts today, with family tea after each. All organic food, of course. Some families dined alfresco in the Physic Garden, which is a beautiful collection of medicinal and edible herbs, coloured with zestfully fragrant flowers.

There is a rumour that the venue might host performances of The Nutcracker this Christmas. Mikhail told us, “I love the Nutcracker music, it is beautiful, powerful. The story has many layers, the transformations have deep meaning, when you look into it.”

Look out for more news at this blog…

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