Swine Flu UK update 11 May 2009


Updates for UK

11 May 2009, Graeme Wearden, The Guardian

The World Health Authority said today that at least 49 people are thought to have died from the new strain of H1N1, while 4,379 people have contracted the virus

Ten staff at the Financial Services Authority have been ordered to work from home after a colleague contracted suspected swine flu while on a work trip to the US.

According to an FSA spokeswoman this morning, the employee has a “probable case of swine flu and is displaying flu-like symptoms” after returning from the US.

People who worked closely with the unnamed individual at the FSA’s Canary Wharf headquarters last week have been told to work from home for seven days – the incubation period of the H1N1 flu virus.

The FSA said it is following official government guidelines on how to handle the likely infection. All staff who have travelled to Mexico or the US are being told to work from home for a week before returning to their desks.

10 May 2009, Wesley Johnson, The Guardian…

Seven new cases of swine flu were confirmed today in the UK, health officials said. Three adults and four children in England were affected, bringing the total in the UK to 55.

Tonight, a school in Middlesex announced that it was to close for a week after one of its pupils was suspected of having swine flu. The Health Protection Agency said Hampton school was planning to reopen on 18 May.

The Department of Health said the new confirmed cases in the UK included two adults and four children in London and an adult in eastern England.


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