Flu Pandemic Prevention FREE DVD


A new strain of influenza – Swine Flu – has arrived in the UK.
Sheepdrove Organic Farm wants you to have the information you need to understand the potential for influenza pandemics, and how we can do something to prevent them.

We believe factory farms are a wholly unnatural situation that favours the flu virus. Trade routes carry animal diseases around the world, and today’s air travel can create a global pandemic in record time.

flu_dvd_mainWe are giving away the Pandemic Prevention DVD, featuring Dr Michael Greger. His presentation shows that industrialised agriculture – with densely populated warehouses of animals – provides the opportunity for influenza to mutate at a faster rate than the human race has ever witnessed before.

Greger points out that pandemic prevention is possible. More than ever, it is vital for the human race to think carefully about how they treat their domesticated livestock.

Send off for your free DVD

Simply send a stamped (post-paid) self addressed envelope to: Free Pandemic Prevention DVD offer, Sheepdrove Organic Farm, Sheepdrove Road, Lambourn, Berkshire, RG17 7UU.


Book recommendation

Bird Flu – a virus of our own hatching by Dr Michael Greger is ideal if you want to know more about the threat from animal-human flu viruses, and what to do about it. The scientific facts are disturbing, but the book also offers advice on how to deal with a pandemic situation.

What’s more, Greger points out that pandemic prevention is possible. More than ever, it is vital for the human race to think carefully about how they treat their domesticated livestock.

Where do these diseases come from?

Micahel Greger introduces a brief history of major diseases.


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9 Responses to “Flu Pandemic Prevention FREE DVD”

  1. Janet Christ Says:

    I’d like to send for the free DVD, but I live in the United States and it appears to be coming from the United Kingdom so I can’t send a SASE with US postage.

  2. D. Hines Says:

    Does the free DVD offer apply to USA residents?

    If so, how much postage for the self addressed envelope and will US postage work?

  3. PAMI Says:

    I am in the US, is there anyway to do this in the states and not have to send an envelope to the UK. Can you get it online?

    thanks and blessings for all you do.


  4. Beth Aaron Says:

    As someone who loves pigs and cares for two, I have come to know them as they really are, not as they have been misrepresented to enable people to treat them so meanly.
    It is disturbing that the industry is so powerful to chane the label of this flu and leash media to relax the publics fear in their portrayal of the virus as appearing to mitigate, even though fall may bring an entirely new mess. Perhaps the powers behind global agribusiness want the economy to pick up as people buy things in preparation for long stays at home if the stuff hits the fan.
    This is VERY serious and to think that pigs are suffering and dying in a justice system that excludes their inherent rights to live as free as humans desire to!
    What a lie humans have created. Why have we designed a food system that is plaguing the earth in so many ways and threatening everything sacred….?I can hardly stand listening to people anymore.

  5. Peter Holst MD PhD Says:

    I´d like to receive the pandemic prevention dvd of dr Michael Greger. Because I live now in Spain I can only send you spanish stamps of Juan Carlos for the due amount.

  6. Peter Holst MD PhD Says:

    Industrial pig farms, duck-fish farms, poultry farms produce new emerging viral diseases with a threat of highly pathogenich pandemics as H1N1 and H5N1. Also the breeding of tropical birds indoors facilitated the domestication of chlamydia psittaci strains (parrots disease) resulting in the spread of different types of chlamydia pneumoniae and more lung cancer especially in the countries with huge imports and trade in tropical birds as UK, The Netherlands and Belgium.
    See also http://www.cancercausedbybirds.eu

  7. Din Lubis Says:

    This post exactly what I am interested in. Does the free DVD offer apply to Indonesia residents. Thank you so much for the info.

  8. Wladimir Says:

    Dear Dr. Michael Greger – I read your interesting book, and I am also looking forward to watching the DVD you created. Nevertheless, like the people who posted here before me, for me it is difficult to send you stamps that you would be able to use. Could you please consider the possibility of leaving the content in a web address where we could download it? Using the internet instead of the traditional mail is a good pandemic preparedness measure anyway :)

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