Severe reactions to synthetics


Schoolgirl’s face balloons to double the size after using home hair-dye
A schoolgirl’s head ballooned to twice its normal size after she suffered a severe allergic reaction to hair dye. Last night…her 37-year-old mother Lynn called for PPD – the controversial chemical that doctors say caused the problem – to be banned. The ingredient is found in two thirds of hair dyes and has already been outlawed in Germany, France and Sweden.

Daily Mail (16 Apr, p.35)

The Alternative

Neals Yard Remedies favour natural and plant-based ingredients, and reject the industrial mindest which leads to the glut of harmful, synthetic checmicals in cosmetic products.

NYR sell a range of very different beauty products that centre on organic and wild-harvested herbs.

Peter Kindersley, chairman at NYR, explained, “Our customers are concerned about the proliferation of synthetic chemicals in beauty products and in the environment. That’s why at Neals Yard we believe in saying NO to those awful ingredients like parabens, EDTA and phthalates.”

The 20th Century saw the ‘beauty industry’ offer anything and everything from whale blubber to chemical burns. The companies ignored the ecological and health consequences. Natural beauty based on real health should be the 21st Century legacy to cosmetic culture. Find out more…

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