Gorgeous weather for Lambing Day


The sunshine beamed down all day for our event. Thank you to all our visitors. We were delighted that so many families came along, it’s important for the children to meet the farm animals and learn what the farm is like.

At the courtyard we had piglets, a ewe and two lambs, kept cool with shaded shelters. Lots of family fun was to be had, with the ‘guess the weight of the sheep’ and the sausage-making with butcher Colin Nicholl. Hundreds of people tried the reedbed ramble, and many walked to the sheep shed, making the most of the sunshine. The stalls were popular and we sold out of all our Hog Roast, hot snacks and cakes.

Our happy lambs entertained us all with their antics – some snoozed and cuddled while others jumped and gambolled around the pens. But it is never very long before the adveturous lambs go back to mum for milk and comfort. Whatever the scene, the quintessentially cute lambs won a lot of admirers today.

Here is a selection of pictures from today’s event…




trailer ride


sheepdrove lambs 2

sheepdrove lambs 1


butchery demo

tree adventure


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