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The Mozart Effect is the popular name for the positive influence on the brain by the beautiful, classical compositions of Mozart and certain other masters, such as Chopin and Schubert. To any music lover, it is no secret that certain styles of music calm you, and scientists have also observed that Mozart stimulates the brain to produce more alpha waves – the signal of relaxation.

Music undoubtedly has an emotional effect, but it’s possible that it may help develop intellectual ability too – even in babies. It has been suggested that in adults, listening to Mozart’s music improves spatio-temporal ability (the ability to deal with objects in space, which is used particularly in maths and science) – the so-called ‘Mozart effect’. The spatio-temporal reasoning of a group of college students was found to be improved after listening to a Mozart sonata, and there are clear changes in the brain in response to this music, particularly in the electrical activity of those areas of the brain (the frontal region, the back of the brain and the cerebellum) which deal with spatial organisation. These changes don’t occur when listening to Beethoven’s Fur Elise or 1930s piano music. Mozart seems to be special. After listening to Mozart the brain activity was clearly different and enhances spatial perception.

Mozart CDPeter and Juliet Kindersley have compiled a CD of classical piano music entitled The Healing Power of the Mozart Effect featuring the Russian pianist Mikhail Kazakevich. They also founded the Sound Beginnings project, which launched a series of seminars and performances to promote the science behind the Mozart Effect, and to encourage the playing of mind-stimulating music to children of all ages. Even children growing in the womb have been observed to behave more calmly when they listen to Mozart, in comparsion to many other types of music.

The combination of calming and uplifting music featured in the Concert for Babies and Young Children (14 May 2009, Sheepdrove) and the fun approach  by educator Maxine Parsons, is what makes the event so successful.

Now you can order The Healing Power of the Mozart Effect CD on the online Sheepdrove Shop. Explore the page of  Books and Gift Ideas and and don’t forget to add the Mozart Effect CD to your basket, while our many gift ideas and special offers distract you!

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