Bird in the hand



More bird ringing – John Swallow managed to capture a range of species recently, including Blue Tit, Kestrel and Reed Bunting. This special type of bird monitoring requires a lot of training and can only be done under licence. Because each leg-ringed bird is recorded (location, age, sex, weight, etc.) it provides the chance of learning where the birds originate, how long they live, and where they might migrate. 

reedbunting-inhand100John netted 29 Reed Bunting (left) which was most of the flock, near their favoured roost. All were safely released again and went back to the roost without a problem. They might travel a long way during migration this Spring, and might return to Sheepdrove Organic Farm again, or might some of them stay and breed here? The Blue Tit pictured above probably lives in Nut Wood much of the time, but might venture to feeders at local gardens too. Winter is a difficult time for both of these small birds, which spend most of their day seeking food.


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