Pig movie postponed


Cheap meat costs us dear, according to Pig Business, a film by Tracy Worcester.  The movie points out the pollution, health hazards and animal welfare issues that surround industrial meat production.

Despite the recent spotlight on pig farming from “Jamie Saves Our Bacon” this film was postponed, apparently shelved until the end of March. Look out for this film on More4, as part of the True Stories series.

TRUE STORIES, More4 10pm Tuesday 31st March

Sheepdrove Organic Farm rears its animals to The Soil Association Organic standard, which provides strict animal welfare and environmental standards. This organic standard is one of the highest in the world.

  • Housing: Pigs must be able to express their natural behaviour; this includes being kept in family groups with free access to fields when conditions allow. In severe weather conditions, indoor housing is permitted as long as there is plenty of straw bedding and continued outdoor access.
  • Farrowing crates: Banned
  • Tail docking: Banned
  • Nose ringing: Banned
  • Weaning: No earlier than 40 days, (better than usual 3-4 weeks)

The Pig Business website encourages everyone to choose ethical suppliers, and add “preferably organic”… they have an interactive search facility to help you find the best pig producers in your local area.

Sheepdrove has a special offer on whole and half organic pigs. We deliver free to our local customers, and we use couriers to reach all parts of the UK – you can order online at any time! And remember, if you live in London or Bristol, you can buy direct from our family butchers shops.

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