GM Food – conference talks online


Presentations from the Feeding the World Conference are now available online. The conference, supported by the Sheepdrove Trust, tackled the question of GM crops in relation to the challenge of feeding the world.

Download slides and listen to sound recordings of the speakers at the conference, to see and hear for yourself what was discussed. Find all the files here.

GM crop companies claim they can help to feed the world, yet the counter-claims from critics highlight the complexity of the challenge itself, as well as raising important questions about the application of genetic engineeering technology. Can GM crops really promise an end to hunger?

Papers were delivered by a range of contributors which included:

  • an evolutionary biologist;
  • scientists who manipulate genes as part of their work;
  • people working on sustainable farming system projects in Africa;
  • an agro-ecologist involved with Cuba arid zone projects.

Some speakers were distiguished as being participants of the famous 2008 IAASTD Report – a study which involved hundreds of researchers around the world – assessing the progress of agricultural science, knowledge and technology. Learn what the IAASTD said about GM crops.


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