Highly Recommended


Sheep at rubbing postsApart from the many awards won by Sheepdrove Organic Farm over the years, we believe that our high reputation has grown from word of mouth, from people who know about our farm and customers who have have eaten our food.

Here are a just few endorsements, which we found on the web. As you can see – Sheepdrove Organic Farm comes highly recommended.

Food articles

Elizabeth Winkler on her Real Food Lover blog
“Our chicken was delicious. “It tastes like chicken should taste,” said my sister who is a regular Sheepdrove shopper.”

Rose Prince 2008: Plucky Numbers
“Peter and Juliet Kindersley’s farm on the Berkshire Downs has its own abattoir (thus helping to reduce the stress that can be caused by transporting animals) and reedbed water-cleaning system. Young chicks are first housed loose in barns, then moved outdoors onto the farm’s agroforestry strip – an area of mixed trees, shrubs and flowering vegetation where they can forage.”

Gourmet Britain
“An excellent butcher…” (Bristol Shop)

Sausagelinks: Sausage of the Week
“…score a stonking 10 in our Taste Test.”

Customer praise

Sheepdrove for your Christmas Turkey and more.
“The skin was perfection and the meat was as sublime as any fresh chicken I can remember eating as a child 40 years ago. If not better. (Proof that it’s not just a trick of the memory, sometimes things just ARE better.)”

On a Local Food Heroes discussion:
“Since we found the Sheepdrove Organic Butchers shop in Bristol we have bought all our meat here – friendly, knowledgeable staff, delicious organic meat and you can be comfortable the welfare of the animals comes first.”

See for yourself

They say ‘seeing is believing’ – but the proof is in the tasting!  Visit our Bristol and London shops, place an order at our Sheepdrove Shop online or order by phone on 01488 674727.


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