Green Electricity special offer


Sheepdrove switched to Ecotricity in 2006. That’s all the farm buildings, the Eco Conference Centre, and the processing unit. So the farm’s electric work buggies run on green energy, all the low-energy bulbs in the offices, every tasty sausage is chilled renewably.

Cutting Carbon

Electrical power from the national grid has a huge Carbon Footprint because it’s usually generated using fossil fuels; and then half the energy is wasted through production inefficiency and losses from its wired journey to you. So for every unit of power, there’s a big cost to the environment.

Ecotricity slices off about 33% (one-third) from the farm’s annual Carbon Footprint for energy. That means 210,218 kilos of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). More than enough greenhouse gas to fill the Royal Albert Hall every year!

We were glad to reduce our Carbon Footprint by such a massive amount when we switched to Ecotricity’s 100% renewable tariff.

Choosing a green power supply

Jason Ball, manager for biodiversity and alternative energy, approached renewable power companies and researched how green they actually were.

Ecotricity were the best choice – investing more in new renewable sources per customer than any other company. We started on the standard tariff of 30% renewable power, but soon upgraded to 100% renewable power.

“It had to be 100% green!” remarked Peter Kindersley, “and it feels great to know we’re paying for clean power.”

Special Offer

“We are delighted to be able to promote a special offer to our customers, in partnership with Ecotricity,” adds Peter, “Please follow our shrinking footprints.”

It’s simple to switch to Ecotricity with Sheepdrove…
and follow the instructions on Ecotricity’s website. Take advantage of their special offer – FREE subscription to the brilliant Ecologist magazine for 1 year when you sign up.


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