Peter Seabrook out of his mind?


Peter Seabrook, the famous gardener, speaking on Sunday’s edition of Gardeners’ Question Time (30th November) stated that he had seen a special GMO lawn grass in the US that grew much shorter and was slower growing so gardeners would not have to mow so often. It also had nitrogen-fixing root nodules and needed less water. It could resist Roundup so it could be sprayed for invasive weeds.

My immediate reaction was – what if this got into our farm grasses? It certainly seems as though it would out-perform our grass leys on the farm with all it’s nitrogen fixing – would we then have half the feed for our animals and less growth to replenish what has been eaten by them?

These types of experiments with nature are simply reckless and driven by stupidity. There is no way this grass will stay put in one lawn somewhere in England or anywhere else in the world.

Is Seabrook out of his mind?

Peter Kindersley


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2 Responses to “Peter Seabrook out of his mind?”

  1. Jason Says:

    I love how people seem to think that grass can’t be an invasive plant. Now we’re not just introducing foreign species that take over our ecosystems, but developing and inventing them as well.

    “I want a yard that looks like I’ve done a ton of work, but without the work.” So many people don’t understand that the beauty of gardening is not the finished product, but rather the process of planting, tending, and recycling is what’s so wonderful about working a garden…

  2. Martin Keats Says:

    A few quick points:

    The feed value of “amenity” or “lawn Grasses” is usually very low and would make it unsuitable for Agricultural use.

    The best way to fix nitrogen into an agricultural grass ley is by the introduction of clover.

    Keep all GM out of the UK it is generally not wanted. The supposed benefits are only in creating plants that are chemical tolerant. The purpose of this is for the chemical producers to be able to sell more chemical and not for the benefit of the food chain.

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