Vote for the same rights as bees!


Georgina Downs’ landmark decision at the High Court today shows that when it comes to pesticide protection – humans are worse off than honeybees!

In his ruling, Mr Justice Collins said it was interesting to note that the 1986 Control of Pesticides Regulations requires that beekeepers must be given 48 hours’ notice if pesticides harmful to bees are to be used.
“It is difficult to see why residents should be in a worse position,” he said.

Collins said the government had failed to comply with a European directive to protect rural residents. He ruled that Georgina Downs had produced “solid evidence” that residents had suffered harm.

How have successive UK governments been able to get away with having such a poor sense of balance when it comes to pesticides? And why did the NFU respond so badly to the court’s ruling? Sprays and seed treatments which harm honeybees are being brought into the spotlight as scientists try to discover the causes behind colony collapse. But of course Ms Downs was campaigning many years before bees exhibited colony collapse syndrome and now only this legal battle seems to have won the goverment’s attention.


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