Christmas Turkeys


Sheepdrove turkeys are organic free range

The Christmas turkey flock begins with early preparation each summer. We rear a mixture of traditional Norfolk Bronze, and heritage breeds – Norfolk Blacks, Bourbon Reds & Slate Greys. They live an organic free-range life on the Berkshire Downs, and develop a superb flavour which keeps our customers coming back year after year.

The Norfolk Bronze is a big, rounded bird, a Traditional Turkey with generous breast and the best choice for feeding your many guests!

Heritage turkeys are much more the slender, ancestral turkey shape, and not very large-breasted. But they can’t be beaten for rich, gamey flavour, and heritage turkeys are the gourmet choice. Choose Heritage Turkeys if you like your birds on the wild side!

The great outdoors

Carefully started off indoors, by four weeks old Sheepdrove Organic Turkeys have grown proper outdoor plumage and are ready to move to their field. Here they are allowed to roam freely with access to a large wood. When you arrive at the turkey field the birds charge across and come to meet you!

Sheepdrove organic turkeys free-ranging amongst trees

Each night we gather them to roost in their houses to protect them from predators. Just like the chickens, the turkeys have overnight accommodation in mobile houses. Turkeys are very curious creatures and we provide lots of ‘toys’ and a diverse environment to satisfy their inquisitive nature. Old CDs suspended on string seems to be a great favourite.

The turkeys at harvestWe weigh the birds on a regular basis to check what sizes we will have available for our direct sales. Normally we are sold out by the end of November and we then have to juggle weights to orders as unfortunately we can’t tell the birds to get to a certain size. So order early!

Reserve your Christmas turkey now! Please call our sales team to order your turkey from Sheepdrove Organic Farm. Tel: 01488 674747. Or book your Christmas Turkey, Christmas Hamper and more Christmas Specials at the online Sheepdrove shop

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