Flower book a tome of meadow know-how


charlesflowerbookAt last the new Charles Flower book is out. If you want to know how to create a meadow, Charles Flower is your man. Charles is passionate about habitat restoration, and has amassed expertise over decades of work, especially with wild flowers. He has been both promoter and pioneer of practical methods for wildflower field restoration. He has carried this out on his own farm, and at many other places across the country.

The publishers, Papadakis, tell us: “Charles Flower has proved that it is possible to plan for diversity, harvest seed, propagate it and create new meadows, woods, hedges and ponds so that wild flowers can be successfully re-established not only in the countryside but also in our gardens, thus ensuring a supply of nectar over a long period – from the woodland primrose in March through to fleabane in the wet meadow in September – that will entice back countless butterflies and other insects.

This book is full of practical advice amassed by someone who has devoted all his energy to good management of the countryside for over twenty years. It recounts the story of how he has helped restore the flowers – and thus ensure the return of wildlife – to numerous gardens, farms and estates, a story documented by glorious photographs that cannot fail to inspire.”

Available now at the Papdakis online store

* info@papadakis.net  *  www.papadakis.net *

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