Beekeepers march on Downing Street


The British Beekeepers Association marched on Downing Street today. They want Defra to put more effort and funding into the honeybee crisis. What crisis? Take a look at the Autumnwatch report into what is happening to our honeybees.

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) points out…
“Honeybees don’t just produce honey – they play a vital role in pollinating plants for food and other crops, making a substantial contribution of £165 million per annum to agricultural output. They also have an important environmental role, being responsible for pollinating wild plants which produce seeds and fruits on which birds and wild animals depend.”

“Increased beekeeping research is thus essential if we are to find answers and be able to protect our bees and the benefits they bring to everyone.”

Yesterday the Soil Association launched a campaign against neonicotinoids – pesticides that can interfere with bee navigation, research suggests. Germany, Italy and other countries have banned these already, in support of bees, because of their importance to food production.

honey by beefarmer Norman DavisHere at Sheepdrove, our honey is one of those products for which you enjoy and don’t necessarily think about all the hard work behind it. Norman Davis, our bee farmer, makes a massive effort all year round (the bees deserve some credit too!) to make sure we get a high quality honey.

Norman attended a meeting in Westminster on Monday to put the case for Bee Farmers to Defra. He is very concerned about the viruses and parasites that honeybees are having to fend off. But he’s not giving up on the bees, despite the heartbreaking losses of bees that he has experienced in the last 2 years. Here’s hoping for a better year for bees in 2009, and the increase in research they deserve.

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