I was never a plastic bag!


Sturdy jute shopping bags are one of the latest ethically-made products now available from our online shop! These bags-for-life are bestsellers at Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre, and now they join our new lines on offer at the web shop.

Naturally we’re all for the cultural shift that is taking place as everyone, it seems, believes in less waste, even perhaps a ban on plastic shopping bags! Our very own Elwyn (maintenance) is a keen scuba diver and has seen first-hand the plastic rubbish littering the sea. Jute is biodegradable, and when you read the label, you discover that the makers teamed up with Climate Care and “this is the first bag of its kind that carries the climate neutral endorsement.”

Enjoy our growing shopping experience at sheepdroveshop.com – where we can help you to find green gift ideas for life, not just for Christmas!

Carbon Counter Carbon Counter
Price: £4.99 (each)
Calculate your carbon footprint and find out to how to reduce it.
More Information
You Have Two Cows You Have Two Cows
Price: £3.95 (each)
Words of wisdom from the walls of our Eco Conference Centre.
A delightful selection of quotations compiled by Rosie Kindersley.
More Information

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