What did the IAASTD say?


The International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development is quite a title. And it’s a formidable research body.

The IAASTD is composed of one Global Assessment and five Sub-global Assessments, which use the same basic framework as the Global Assessment, i.e., the impacts of AKST on hunger, poverty, nutrition, human health, and environmental and social sustainability in relation to both the past and the future. The Global and Sub-global assessments will be peer-reviewed by governments and experts, and approved by the Panel of participating governments.

You can find IAASTD reports here.

Dr Bob Watson made a speech at the World Challenge Awards 2007 which highlighted the mission of their massive project and anticipated its 2008 publication.

“Today the world faces many challenges; none more important than eliminating hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation.”

“We must recognise today that agriculture today is about more than simple production. It’s all about environmental stewardship. It is central that we protect the natural resource base that underpins our agricultural sector.” Watch the 8-minute video on youtube.


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