Percy Schmeiser ‘what would GM mean for UK farmers?’


Percy Schmeiser UK tour

Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser is touring the UK to deliver talks about the Canadian experience of GM. This is an issue that Sheepdrove’s GM workshops highlighted as part of the 2003 Great GM Debate. The topic is as relevant as ever.

Find Percy Schmeiser’s tour dates here.

Schmeiser, like many of his fellow Canadian growers, learned about GM crops the hard way. His farmland was contaminated by Monsanto-patented GM seed. Monsanto demanded a $15 per acre ‘technology fee’ even though Percy was not utilising their engineered genes! Eventually the Canadian high court agreed that Percy should not have to pay. Listen to Percy Schmeiser’s story here…

His lawsuit case concluded in March 2008 when Monsanto agreed (out of court) to pay costs for the clean-up of Roundup-ready weeds. He and his family, however, are still feeling the effects of the enormous pressures involved in court battles with a multinational chemical corporation.


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