GM Debate – why it’s important NOW


Feeding the World ConferenceThe Sheepdrove Trust, Friends of the Earth, The Ecologist magazine, Slow Food UK, The Soil Association, Practical Action and GM Freeze are all supporting this event, organised by the Organic Research Centre.

Here, some of the project partners tell us why this event is so important to them. It is a big debate, with many issues, many questions and very few real answers.

“There is a breath-taking naivety about the belief that GM can be a silver bullet to solve all the problems agriculture is currently facing. All the energy the Government and the proponents of GM are currently investing in a renaissance of the debate about the benefits of GM is a distraction from the real issues.”
“There is no evidence that GM crops increase yields, reduce pesticide use or bring any public benefits to society. And there is a growing body of evidence there could be health risks. There is also the genie out of the bottle argument that once these organisms are released you cannot recall them and the choice issue because the fact remains that the vast majority of consumers in Europe do not want to purchase GM foods if they can help it.”
Patrick Holden, The Soil Association

“GM crops have failed to deliver the long-promised benefits of the biotech industry. Instead, increased pesticide use caused by these crops threatens the environment and communities around the world.”
“The biotech industry tells Africans that we need GM crops to tackle the food needs of our population. But the majority of GM crops are used to feed animals in rich countries, to produce damaging agrofuels, and don’t even yield more than conventional crops.”
Nnimmo Bassey, Friends of the Earth International GMO coordinator in Nigeria

“It is now clearer than ever that Europe is right to take a precautionary approach to GM crops. They are not the solution to the urgent environmental and economic challenges facing farmers both in Europe and in developing countries. More and more evidence is showing that around the world green farming methods are providing real solutions whilst boosting local economies and creating jobs.”
Clare Oxborrow, Friends of the Earth’s GM Campaigner

“Quite simply, the GM route reinforces an outdated model of industrial, energy reliant agriculture, wholly unsuitable for adapting to and dealing with the conditions that climate change and expensive, scarce oil bring for global food security.”
“Most importantly we have to ask if undue research and commercial focus on GM foods and crops is diverting our attention from the development of truly reliable alternatives of sustainable (organic) agriculture which are capable of feeding a hungry world today and tomorrow.”
Richard Sanders, The Organic Research Centre

“World hunger and food shortage are complex issues largely social and economic in nature. There is more than enough food in the world to feed everyone, it’s just that the economic system put in place by politicians has failed to ensure that that food reaches the people who need it most whilst other sectors of the population are becoming obese. The IAASTD process concluded that ‘business as usual is not the answer’ to world hunger…”
“The Government should stop listening to industry propaganda that is shamelessly trying to exploit the current food price rises – there is no evidence that GM crops have increased average yields. The reasons we have no GM crops in the UK are either that the Labour Government did not approve them or the industry withdrew approved crops on a voluntary basis.”
Pete Riley, GM Freeze.


Join the debate at Westminster on 12th Nov (Map). Places now available at a *supported rate of £65.00
Download a booking form, call 01488 658279 or email the Organic Research Centre


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