Mexican night – arrrriba!


There’s a knack to making tortillas – as Peter and Juliet Kindersley discovered in Mexico last year. On Friday night guests tried it for themselves in a Mexican Food evening for the Slow Food Berkshire and Wiltshire hosted at the Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre.

Everyone got stuck into the cooking and, of course, the eating! We used iron tortilla presses to squeeze the dough flat and thin. Then you have to deftly flip the raw tortilla onto the hotplate absolutely flat, not flopped and wrinkled.

Also on the menu were different fillings and salsas, made from genuine Mexican recipes collected by Juliet Kindersley and Clare Marriage who coordinates the local Convivium. Prickly Pear ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert! (Prickly pear cactus from Ibiza.) Rows of chili plants, hats and Mexican music set the fun atmosphere for the night. Mezcal shots and beer helped too!


Photos above: click on these thumbnails to see larger images.

Fun was had by all, and we must mention Peter’s presentation, all about the food of Mexico. The Kindersleys and Marriages gained a truly delightful experience of Mexican Cuisine and the vibrant food markets. They went to Puebla in Mexico for the Slow Food 5th International Congress. A conference that Peter Kindersley described as ‘inspirational’.

One of the encouraging statistics about Slow Food is that its membership consists of an increasing proportion of people from poorer countries – food culture and biodiversity is as precious to them as it is to the gastronomic enthusiasts and farmers of wealthier nations.

Find out about the next Slow Food Berkshire and Wiltshire events from Clare Marriage, tel: 01488 684880 or email


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3 Responses to “Mexican night – arrrriba!”

  1. Discover Unearthed Says:

    Looks like it was a great evening! I write a (vaguely) food related blog, work in the food industry and live in Berkshire – are there any events coming up at the Ascot end of the county??

    Blog is at

  2. sheepdrove Says:

    Not sure…
    For the latest Low Food Berkshire + Wiltshire events list, email >
    They’d welcome event suggestions too.

  3. discoverunearthed Says:

    Thanks for the pointer – I’ll get my thinking hat on for event suggestions. Your place looks like a cracking venue as well, hopefully get to go there some time.

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