Encounter bats at Sheepdrove


Meet Linda the Noctule bat.

 Meet Belinda the Noctule bat.

Book your place for a close encounter with bats, right here on the farm! Call 01488 674727 now.

Friday 25 July – 8.30pm start

David Endacott, an expert from the local bat group, will begin the evening by introducing you to some of the bat patients in his care. Special training and a licence means he can rehabilitate injured and orphaned bats and return them to the wild.

People who book onto these events always love David’s star bat, a very cute and cuddly Noctule named Belinda. She is eleven years old, and still in human company because her broken wing never became strong enough for life in the wild.

Then the event continues with a torchlight walk to look and listen for bats at our herb garden, ancient woodland, ponds and a lake. We will use bat detectors so that everyone can hear the ultrasound calls made by the bats as they echolocate.

The wide variety of bats is a joyous result of the great abundance and diversity of insect life supported by our eco-friendly organic farming. Tiny pipistrelles eat thousands of midges every night, Daubenton’s Bat specialises in catching insects from just above the surface of ponds, and Noctule fly high to catch big insects such as dung beetles and moths.

ABOVE: A bat detector next to the camera makes the bat’s ultrasound clicks audible. Note – all bats are legally protected and you cannot keep them as pets or even disturb their home! This bat has a broken wing and is in the care of a trained rehabilitator.

Join us on Friday 25th July to experience some of these brilliant creatures for yourself.

  • Booking is essential, please call Jason Ball on 01488 674727.
  • £5 per person. Admission fees will go to the local Bat Group.
  • Please bring a torch, warm clothes and sturdy footwear.

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