Chance for change in EU pesticide reform


Sheepdrove use predators not pesticidesThe EU is set to replace outdated pesticide regulations. Let’s hope some real progress is made for the sake of environmental and consumer health.

In a week where Wimbledon tennis fans were warned of the likely contamination of strawberries with pesticide (90% tainted in recent Pesticide Safety Directive tests!) surely the media can raise popular interest in the future of pesticides?

You can listen again to an interesting debate on Radio 4’s Today Programme with Elliott Cannell from Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN-UK) and Dr Ian Denholm of Rothamsted Research Institute.

The stance by Dr Denholm is based on the fear that very useful pesticides will be lost from the agrichemical arsenal, resulting in less reliable pest control, and thus shortages of food production in the EU. The BCPC share these concerns. However, 23 countries have backed the reforms and share no such worries. Even the agriculture minister for France has signed up, with no road blockades in response!

Elliott Cannell argues that the planned selective removal of harmful chemicals will be done by replacement with alternatives which, he concludes, “guarantees no impact on agricultural production”. PAN-UK reckons the proposals will begin to remove the worst pesticides while preserving choice for farmers. What do you think?

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