GM crops a worldwide washout


Far from feeding us all – there are only 23 countries growing GM crops in the world, covering only 2.4% of global agricultural land. Six countries account for 95% of that area – USA, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, India and China.

‘It is clear that the world will depend on traditionally bred cereals, fruit and vegetables for the foreseeable future.’ say campaigners GM-Freeze.

They add: ‘None of the current generation of GM crops have increased yield beyond what has been achieved using traditional plant breeding in previous decades, and increases since 1996, when GM crops were first grown commercially, can be attributed to traditional breeding improving varieties. Of the GM crops produced, the majority of soya beans (60-90%) and a significant amount of maize is fed to farm livestock and poultry (with a conversion rate of 5-9kg of plant protein to produce 1kg of animal protein in intensive systems). Also importantly, some soya oil is being diverted for bio-diesel, and maize is being used for agro-fuel production in the USA.’

One of the main Monsanto crops is ‘Roundup Ready’ soybean, which relies on specially added genes to tolerate one of the company’s favourite herbicides. So the idea is that you use plenty of it. As we know, many agricultural biocides are set to rise in price, following fossil fuels upon which they depend.


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