FREE Farmer Climate Change Event 19th June


The workshop venue - Sheepdrove Eco Conference CentreIf you’re a farmer or a farm advisor interested in renewable energy and tackling your business Carbon Footprint (and let’s face it, with energy costs growing, we all ought to be!) then sign up for the FREE dedicated Climate Change workshop at Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre on 19th June 2008.

Help improve your business in the light of climate change, learn about the risks and opportunities, and how to save money! The workshop programme includes: a focus on renewable technology; the issues facing farmers; guidance on how efficiency helps you to shrink your Carbon Footprint; discussion on Agriculture’s role in Climate Change; and a farm walk all about how Sheepdrove is approaching the challenge of Climate Change.

Learn simple ways to improve your bottom line, and reduce your contribution to climate change!

Farming Futures is working with the NFU, CLA and EBLEX to organise the event. They are working  on all sorts of projects to help farmers to improve their sustainability. Farming Futures is a communications collaboration between the National Farmers’ Union, Country Land and Business Association and the Agricultural and Horticultural Research Forum (representing the agricultural and horticultural levy boards), the Agricultural Industries Confederation, Forum for the Future and Defra.

WORKSHOP PLACES ARE LIMITED. To book your place, contact Maya Herbolzheimer, at Farming Futures on: call 0207 324 3622 or 07827 302936.

And then visit the FF website for inspiration and information. They have a wide range of real-life case studies, factsheets, further events in 2008, and regional maps showing likely impacts of climate change – both impacts and opportunities.

Click here to learn more about our conference facilities.


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