Defra may allow chickens to eat pig remains


The latest bombshell to anger healthy food movements – whether organic, slow or otherwise – is the proposal to ‘relax’ rules about feeding farm animals to other farm animals. Guardian article here.

This type of animal-eats-animal feeding chain was halted following the BSE crisis, as a way to avoid the spread of diseases like transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. Officials in Brussels cheerfully point out that feeding pigs to chickens will save farmers a fortune in cereal – the price of which we’ve seen rise strongly. But pigs can’t be replacing cereal, can they? We all know that chickens get most proteins from non-cereal food. Our free-range organic birds are able to find wild invertebrates as they forage through habitats specially-designed for chickens.

Expect a backlash against this idea by health groups and those wishing to keep food production as natural as possible. Look out for links to articles and petitions here on the Sheepdrove blog!


One Response to “Defra may allow chickens to eat pig remains”

  1. sengdroma Says:

    Ok few words can describe how my stomach is now churning. No way. Thank goodness we moved out of the UK. We now have our own ethical farm in Canada. My animals eat only what nature intended them to eat.

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