Organic on a Budget


Despite soaring costs in our economy it really is still possible to eat organic meat on a budget!

At Sheepdrove all the meat we sell through our home delivery box scheme, shops or wholesale is from our own farm. Unfortunately our feed costs are rising, but you can still enjoy our top quality meat by buying our budget cuts. These alternative cuts enjoyed by our grandparents such as brisket and shin beef are no longer enjoyed in our fast moving modern world as they take longer to cook, but they offer twice the goodness and have much better flavour and taste than the “quickies”.

We have brought these traditional meat cuts back into the fore and we would be pleased to discuss their benefits and the savings you can make with old and new customers alike. Sheepdrove quality is the finest organic meat available on the market with a true provenance and produced by people who have an obsessive passion to care for our animals.

A few suggestions

BEEF                                      ALTERNATIVE                                SAVE
Sirloin of Beef (B&R)        Brisket of Beef                       £36 (1.5Kg joint)
Fillet Steak                     Rump Steak                          £14( 2X225g steak)
Minute Steak                  Shin Beef                              £12 (1Kg pack)
LAMB                                     ALTERNATIVE                                SAVE 
Leg of Lamb (BI)            Shoulder of Lamb (BI)             £15 (1.5Kg joint)
Loin Fillet                       Shoulder Steak                      £30 (1Kg pack)
PORK                                     ALTERNATIVE                                SAVE
Tenderloin                     Boneless Shoulder                 £7 (1Kg pack
Boneless Loin of Pork      Boneless Shoulder of Pork      £14 (1.5Kg joint)


 Please contact the sales team on 01488 674747 for more great ideas to save on your organic meat, and enable the full family to share in our top quality meat. All our organic meat cuts are available at our online shop.



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