Lost food the world could be eating!


AppleDid you know that every day, UK households throw away 5.1 million potatoes and 4.4 million apples? Imagine, we could be feeding millions of people on the wasted food we casually chuck out on a regular basis.

The Waste and Resources Action Programme – WRAP  – are to launch their research report about this phenomenal waste of food, on 8th May in Westminster. This is your opportunity to hear about this research first hand, discuss some of the implications and have your questions answered, and pick up your copy of the report. You can book a place at the event.

The launch will include presentations from:

  • Dr Liz Goodwin, Chief Executive, WRAP – Opening speech.
  • Joan Ruddock MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Climate Change, Biodiversity and Waste), will give the keynote address which will highlight the implications of the 6.7 million tonnes of food that UK consumers throw away each year, most of which could have been avoided.
  • Ray Georgeson, WRAP’s Director of Policy, will discuss the results. He will talk not only about the 4.4 million whole apples and 5.1 million whole potatoes that UK consumers throw away every day, but also about the huge quantities of other food products including meat, fish, yoghurt and bread waste that could have been avoided. Ray will also outline the considerable amounts of food that are thrown away completely untouched and still in their packaging.

Meanwhile what can we do about it? Can we avoid waste by changing our shopping habits, our eating habits, or even farming? And what we do with waste we can’t avoid?

WRAP’s report launch happens in the middle of Compost Awareness Week, 8th – 10th May 2008. Composting is a brilliant way to deal with your fruit and veg peelings of course, and to reduce your landfill impact, but here’s how it can help you to lessen your waste: GROW FOOD AT HOME.

When you’re able to pluck winter greens from window boxes and take tomatoes from the patio, you’re in touch with which food’s ready and when. You are likely to pick the food as you need it, and plan your meals seasonally around the available produce. (Like we do at the conference centre)

Your compost will help you to get excellent growth in your home crops. Try it! Oh, and be sure it’s organically grown, for even more benefits to you.

Here’s some encouragement from people who have had a go.
In much of the rest of our lives, we work our butts off without discovering whether it makes any difference. But in this case you can see and taste what you’ve done. George Monbiot.

Growing your own food … instils such a sense of pride that digging up your potatoes becomes something akin to attending the birth of your first child (only less messy). Paul Kingsnorth on allotments.

If it is impossible to site a composter where you live, then find out if there is a community composting scheme in your neighbourhood. The Ecologist – Urban Composting.

One Response to “Lost food the world could be eating!”

  1. leafless Says:

    Not only the individual households are throwing a lot of food, food processing facilities have also been throwing away food as well. I have seen facilities disposing perfectly good potatoes, because their size doesn’t fit the packaging.

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