Weather forecast for Lambing Day


Lamb at Lambing Day - photo by Jason Ball 

The Met Office forecast yesterday was saying it’ll be OK for Lambing Day, but this morning the skies look as if they will give us a damp start, with showers easing off later.

So it won’t be a scorcher, but dress for Spring and you’ll be fine. Wear warm clothes, waterproofs and bring your wellies! The lambs and the food stalls are under cover.

The Lambing Day takes place 11am – 4pm today 16th March.
Naturally everyone wants to come and see the livestock, especially the LAMBS at the sheep shed. You’ll also see them in the fields with mum, because they are healthy and hardy. They are not the only cute animals here, you can also see piglets, chicks, and our earliest spring calves, just days old.

Take a tractor and trailer ride to the Sheep Shed or take a walk to see the sheep, via the cattle sheds and past the pigs.

There’s a lot more to see and do too. All sorts of trade stalls fill the conference rooms, selling lovely food, craft goods and top quality treats. Watch our skilled butchers at work as we hold demonstrations throughout the event, and go out on a Reedbed Ramble. There are presentations on The Sheepdrove Story and our Renewable Energy projects too. While you’re here you can even switch to a green energy supplier, sign up to Ecotricity!

Get a delicious hot lunch-to-go at the Tractor Shed where we have Sheepdrove organic hog roast. There are veggie options too. Make sure you try the hot mulled cider, made in the Lambourn Valley! For sweet delights go to the Dining Room for organic cakes, with organic fruit juices, tea or coffee.


Event map below (click to enlarge)

Lambing Day 2008 event map

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