Are your birds being watched?


Woodpigeon and Great Spotted Woodpecker on a bird table 

This picture is one of many photos featured on the Berks Birds website. It’s surprising what bird tables can attract.

Do you keep an eye on the birds in your garden and your local patch? The British Trust for Ornithology can use your results! There’s BTO Garden BirdWatch, happening all year round, and then there are special projects such as the Barn Owl Monitoring Programme (supported by the Sheepdrove Trust) and the Bird Atlas.

For the atlas BTO are currently recruiting extra birdwatchers for the breeding season, and the thousands of squares across the country where more birders are needed. If you’d like to donate to help these projects, beat the taxman and do it this month! Charities are due to lose out a little when income tax is reduced in April – cutting down on what they can gain from Gift Aid.

But breeding season fieldwork for the Atlas begins 1st April, so you have plenty of time to sign up at


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